Sunday, 26 October 2014

Bad Guys 坏家伙们 Korean Drama 2014

This was what I currently watching.
A very brutal drama. Because every battle scene with the criminals was filled with violence and blood.
It is better recommend for adults above 18 years. Such violence actions will filled the minds of the youth and caused bad influences.

Other than that, the storyline was very much clear that the Detective tries to gather the forces from the three selected criminals to capture all the current criminals. And each murderer or criminal they have successfully captured will be reward with a reduction of 4 years of jail which this fact was most people who wanted to get rid of living or maybe dying in the jail. Also, an extra point to that motive of doing this is that the detective had suffered pain from losing his daughter who was killed by a fleed criminal and yet nowhere to be found.

The interesting point to this drama is that, after the two introductory episodes to the characters, it will have a subtitle to each few episodes. For example, in the 3rd episode, the subtitle was "Human Trafficking" or might be understood as "Human Organs Marketing". You can see that the writer was reading all sorts of crime and mystery genre books and produced this piece passionately with something captured from the materials.

I like how the characters had different personalities and background because everyone is different and that makes an audience to pick up the interest to catch the drama. The three selected criminals were all with different specialty.

This was one of the selected criminal. Interestingly, his name is Lee Jung Moon in the drama and do you recognized him? He became famous because of "You who came from the Stars". In this drama, he is a genius with very high IQ and intelligent in mathematics and physics, however he seemed to have a personality disorder which he will tend to lose memory of the killing time. You would wonder how he get into jail when he is super smart? Watch the drama.

He is totally quiet and contributed most of the hypothesis which are logical and scientifically correct.
A person you would never choose to speak to because you might think he consider the world out of it. Too serious.

This selected criminal was a professional killer. The name is Jung Tae-Soo in the drama. Very little background information was gathered from the scenes. The only reason he present in the jail was he surrender himself one day after a murder. No any verbal reason was told by the killer. A friend he later reunited asked him, "Do you think you can be relieved from the past murders by confessed and surrender into the jail?"

I think that might be a reason.

Also, he has a very soft spot for a woman who had once saved his life.

Last but not least, the last criminal. His strength was powerful attack and muscular body. Thus, the writer gave him no intelligence in life nor knowledge. Despite there is no competition of intelligence with the other two characters, he does have luck which was how he identified the very first murderer they handled and had a little fight with the murderer. However the victory goes to another criminal.

He is the source of humour. His very own thinking made the audience laugh. How can a person be so funny when he couldn't even think logically.

Alright, this is the detective. And of course, this image was totally not the detective in the drama.
This was a script reading image and not on-set image.

Overall the drama was well made but if the way the director capture every scene can be less in darker background and more of humour scenes will be better. The current episodes are up to 4 and there is still long way to go. The scenes for each character were very well balanced. Although it had only a rose among the thorns, a girl police officer, I still think this will be an exciting drama in which every drama you hardly can predict the plot correctly.

The reason is, the turning point is awkwardly fitting into the flow.

I rate this drama 8 out of 10.

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